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U.S. Grown LLC is based in Williamson, New York, and has an office in Sacramento, California.

U.S. Grown has a food label that features the U.S. Grown brand name, a statement that To Survive A Nation Must Feed Itself, the U.S. Grown trademark, and a mission statement to inform consumers of their food purchasing choices. Choose U.S. Grown is the bottom line of the U.S. Grown program.

U.S. Grown has two offers for food processors and retail stores:

Co Pack. Under this program, U.S. Grown and food processors will agree to a co packing arrangement where your firm will produce food products for U.S. Grown with our label on them, for placement by U.S. Grown into participating retail grocery stores. We will supply the label to your facility, for placement on an agreed line of products. Your firm will charge us so much per food product, per our negotiations.

Label Purchase. Under this program, U.S. Grown will sell your firm the U.S. Grown food label, and the rights to use that label. Your firm will place our label on your existing food products. We will produce top quality professional food labels with the U.S. Grown label background, with your product featured on the front, and a statement that your firm certifies the food products inside are 100% from food grown in the USA, with the only possible exceptions being seasonings or enhancements. This is an alternative to co packing where your firm pays U.S. Grown a per unit price for food labels. Typical minimum order is 10,000 labels.

Label Pricing [Shipping to be Added]

UV Juice Label .085 each [8.5 cents each]

Paper can labels .055 each [5.5 cents each]
[up to 6 ounce size]

Paper can labels .065 each [6.5 cents each]
[up to __ ounce size]

For additional information, please see our contact page.